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Justin Hiatt studios

Welcome to the place for creative works by Justin Hiatt.
Developing rough to gem and blank canvas to vibrant and appealing. Focussed on delivering impact and excitement for specific creative outlets. These are a few realms of expertise:

  • Design
  • Painting
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • CONTACT the studios to bring your product to life.

    Use the linked contact form to provide your artistic project and details. I look forward to discussing your goals.


    All gemstones I use for artistic jewlery are found in nature hand picked and qualified for its uniqueness in some way. Every stone has a story to tell, picked and mined by yours truly making it a unique gift or experience.

    If you like art you can shop for framed prints, fine art, and gemstone photographs.

    Hand crafted painted arts and digital works created right here in the USA.

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    Art Prints



    Botryoidal Druzy Turquoise

    Copper & Leather Artisan Jewelry

    Druzy Quartz Gem Silica Chrysocolla & Turquoise specimen. This is the brightest blue stone I have ever picked up.

    I more than likely will never shape or cut this stone it is too amazing! All of my creations and are made with quality metals made in my shop this is not mass produced. The finest source of Turquoise Xenolith Garnet & Spinel bearing gemstone you can find can be found in high elevations right here in the USA.

    Volcanism is the source to wonderful gems.