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mediajhiatt is a gemstone & artwork design source located in California. Developing greatness from rough to gem mediajhiatt
is focussed on delivering impact and appeal in many creative outlets.

CONTACT the Art Director & speak with a live professional designer tobring your product to life. Use the linked contact form to provide your artistic special requests to discuss various arts and custom jewlery needs. All gemstones used are native California finds, picked and mined by yours truly making it a unique gift or experience.

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Hand crafted painted arts and digital works created right here in the USA. Hover and click the thumbnails to see more...


The below image is a wonderous place called "GammaGulch" when it rains the water cascades for hours through the rockscapes.


"To have this opportunity is rare in life, to seize the find is exhilarating. To hike remote locations yet be inspired by earths creations is spiritually rewarding to my soul.

I believe that inspiring you to express yourself creatively is my purpose in life, and a good one... - To explore that creative side keeps you young at heart and dreaming. Inspiring creative outlets
by expressing art myself is my greatest individual contribution."



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Spinel Xenolith Mantle Fragmentation


Druzy Quartz Gem Silica Chrysocolla & Turquoise specimen. This is perhaps the brightest blue stone ever. The image shown above has not been color enhanced and gives good represetation to the hue but not the sparkle created by the druzy layers coating the blue. This one piece fits nicely in my palm to give reference of size.